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Our Story


For us, it always started with love.
Our story begins in the end of 1987, when an exuberant woman realized her dream of owning a flower shop.

Sprinkled rose petals, made up the finishing touches and the vibrancy of the flowers brought life to every guest that walked through the doors.
Her countless hours and love poured in her flower shop brought to life a beautiful baby girl. She had to make the decision to embark on this new journey in her life and believed that her dreams, heart and dedication were what caused this new chapter to blossom.
As the child grew, she followed in her mothers footsteps of establishing her own business ventures. She partnered with a life long friend, who’s commitment and passion intertwined flawlessly with hers. With a shared vision, they sought forth opportunities that aligned with their dreams. In keeping with her mother’s passion, the daughter wanted to continue her legacy and created a partnership where they could conquer the world together. At that moment, A Kiss For A La Rose was born.
Because we believe there are no ordinary moments, just one million ordinary moments that make up a lifetime of love.